Me and my buddy checkin out the Godzilla set up.

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So Misha Collins and Random Acts of Kindness stopped by the line for Hall H.

And were handing out coffee to all the people in line. It made me happy to see a celebrity type person completing the cycle of support and love for the fans. It made me remember that people can be awesome.

I was up near where they set up the coffee stuff so we decided to hand back coffee for the rest of the line because, well, being helpful is awesome.

This is where people made me sad.

After we handed back the first slew of coffees they of course brought more because the line is huge. When we turned to hand back more the volunteers kindness was greeted with

"No thanks, we already have coffee."

Congrats. We’re handing these back.

"I don’t want to."

Please, just take it.

"No one will take it from me. I can’t throw it at them."

One of the Random Acts volunteers who was hearing this leaned in and said

"Wellll…you could. Please just hand it back."

How can you be do selfish. We’re trying to help. People are trying to be nice to other people but you wot because you already have yours?

This admittedly was a small amount of people but it was more than just one family or group of friendsies. Which is enough to cause me disappointment.

Moral of the story. Don’t be a douche. The lines are long and everyone’s tired.

Be kind.

Be polite.

Call the phone number. Trust me. Just call it.

Call the phone number. Trust me. Just call it.

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